30 Seconds Behind the Scenes

Blocking a scene with Alejandro Salinas-Albrecht and Pete O'Hare. Shot by Alex. Music is Oscar Peterson doing Cole Porter.

15 Seconds Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at an interview in NYC with Alejandro Salinas-Albrecht and Pete O'Hare. Shot by Alex. Music by Mary Lattimore.

International Premiere of Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards

"Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards," based on the short stories of Robert Boswell, will have it's international premiere today at the Concorto Film Festival in Italy. It's U.S. premiere was at the 2015 Atlanta Film Festival.

"Heyday" is a feature film comprising eight stories directed by eight directors from UCLA film school. It was produced by James Franco's Elysium Bandini Studios, and stars Natalie Portman, Kate Mara, Kristin Wiig, and others. 

I directed the segment "Smoke," starring Keir Gilchrist (It Follows), Thomas Mann (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl), and Bo Mitchell (Eastbound & Down), produced by Lisa Vangellow, and written by Nicole Riegel.

Thanks for the love, Italy! Check out the trailer for Heyday and a teaser for Smoke below.

Freedom Fry!

The Freedom Fry doc is on it's way...check back for more news!

Hannah Duston is a CineStory Finalist

Thanks for the love, CineStory. This script was also a semifinalist (do they use that term?) at the Sundance Institute last year.

It follows the true story of Hannah Duston, a Puritan woman who, in 1697, one week after giving birth to a daughter, was taken captive by an Abenacki war party in a raid on Haverhill, Massachusetts. After suffering incredible losses, including the death of her child, she retaliated against her captors with an act of shocking violence that changed the course of American history.